01 February 2010

a thing for rings...

 photo: the cherry blossom girl (by far THE dreamiest blog ever created)

ok, i am in LOVE (all caps!) with this amazing Sowat ring. If it were silver, I might not be able to contain myself. I really do need to start wearing gold more often, I have a few pieces that have long been neglected.
Speaking of rings, I cannot wait to get my hands--err..fingers, on this awesome ring from Jessica Elliot's Skinny line. We came across it last year at PROJECT and I was smitten! Love how the stones peek through in between your fingers and the band is just behind them... think of it like a half reverse knuckle ring if that makes any sense. Anyway....I can't help it, I love rings.

1 comment:

Tara said...

I love that ring! Saw Rihanna with something similar. Cool! :)