08 March 2010

little treasures


i've always been notorious for saying that Vegas sucks for this and that reason, but lately, i've been making an honest effort to learn to love this place i call home. i now try to only focus on the things i love about this desert town, and i've come to realize that every place is what you make of it. Vegas is actually full of little hidden treasures that i'm committed to get reacquainted with. and so the fun begins...here are just a couple of random favorites that make me happy to call Vegas home.

*Setebello Pizzeria : a small pizza place that serves authentic Italian-style pizzas and some of the best foccacia bread i've had in town. Charming little place in the heart of Green Valley.

*Town Square Las Vegas : aside my regular Sephora and H&M runs, and maybe the occasional bar, I've  never really stopped to just take a stroll around and appreciate the pretty aesthetic and cool little details in Town Square...like the Morrocan-inspired architecture and ornate street lamps...it's the little things...

more to come...i should really make a habit of this :)

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