29 August 2010


We recently discovered a really cool ice cream shop here in town called Atomic #7. They make organic and vegan ice cream from scratch. I tried the Healthy Heart mixed with coconut, almond milk and agave sweetener. It definitely tasted like homemade, and the best part is, it was completely lactose free. The girls who run the shop all wear lab coats, which I thought was really cute. Definitely a great find.

P.S. Another great find recently: a new photo lab located near my old college. I also finally fixed my old A-1, so I hope to take it out soon, maybe over the long weekend.


Marinka said...

It looks interesting

suzie said...

thank you so much for visiting my blog, good to meet you! Love your images on here by the way and glad you got that A-1 sorted. I've just breathed new life into a Yashica TL, very gratifying, non?

Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

That's so cute that they wear lab coats!! Sounds seriously yummy!