13 August 2010

bachi burger

We finally decided to try Bachi Burger , a new Asian-inspired gourmet burger joint. My husband had the "Ronin" burger, and I had the "Lonely Bird" (made with ground "tsukune" turkey & chicken), which was so so good. Even better was the Parmesan truffle fries...to.die.for.
The name of this joint made us laugh at first since "bachi" loosely means "karma" in Japanese, so we always say "baaachi" when someone gets what they deserve. Ok, so I guess it's not all that funny...but interesting name choice nonetheless.


Elisabelle said...

Interesting burgers!
I'll have to send you a list of my favorite places when you will come to Paris!

Marinka said...

those are so so cute! and they look really delicious

hannah said...

Elisabelle, that would be lovely! I'm so excited already