28 October 2010


I'm excited for Halloween weekend to start! Kicked it off early with all the festivities at work. I wore my wig ALL DAY today in the office and ended up with the worst case of "wig head" when I met up some friends for drinks after...
To make it worse, I had to witness the SF Giants pummel the Rangers again tonight...(sorry Giants fans, but I will be in a verry bad mood if they take the world series)

Anyway, I digress...Halloween. Excited. Oh, and It's the hubby's b-day weekend as well. Still not sure where to go for dinner. Wanna try something new...it's been awhile.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! Au revoir, 'Til next time.

Currently listening to: A-ha- "Take on Me"   ( my co-workers were blasting this song today and it has since been stuck in my head...ahhhh)


suzie said...

gorgeous pics!

Megan said...

Those merry-go-round photos are so pretty and fun! Hope you have a great weekend!

Puck Litaay said...

The pictures are so fun and cute!


Marinka said...

your Polaroids are really nice