13 October 2010

miles of pavement

One more day before my weekend begins!! I'm excited to go to the Chromeo/Neon Indian show tomorrow night...it'll be a great way to end another loooong week.


Marinka said...

Love those the grain is nice!

KcomeKarolina said...

love this pics! have fun tomorrow!
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xoxo from rome

Elisabelle said...

wonderful photos!
i love the grain:)

Devina said...

Great post so inspiring....
The black and white of photographs are so wild!!!

A Little Happier said...

It really looks amazing!
Have a nice week-end :)

hannah said...

thank you :)
marinka & elisabelle- i love the grainy quality of b&w film! Ilford makes the best b&w in my opinion...these were Kodak pro, they turned out ok

hiven said...