19 November 2010

concrete island

Just a few randoms from around Honolulu.

I've been stuck at home all day with a nasty flu, so when I finally mustered up enough energy to crawl out of bed, I decided to start uploading a few more pics. I couldn't believe how many I took...I always do that! I also took entirely way too many cameras on this trip, much to my husband's annoyance. He ends up being my assistant and lugs all of them around for me.

 I'm hoping to feel better by daytime so I can finish unpacking, cleaning, and most importantly, go to get some film developed. I still feel like total crap right now, I absolutely despise being sick. I try to be productive, but it ends up backfiring on me and I stay sick longer...I'm so stubborn.



oh my, such pretty images!

Natalie Suarez said...

awesome photos. love it :)


hannah said...

:) thanks so much.
@ Natalie: I saw your feature in the Oct. Free People catalog... LOVED it!! great job on the styling.