21 November 2010


These were taken at Makaha Beach where my brother-in-law is a lifeguard. He caught two octopus which I attempted to help de-gut and failed miserably. Those things are just so slippery. My little niece did a way better job with them since they live by the beach and get to do fun stuff like this all the time.

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Marinka said...

I like the last picture ^^ I would have not been able to touch an octopus either :P

Megan said...

These are such gorgeous shots! I really like that double exposure one with the palm trees and beach. And your niece is adorable!

Silvia Kim said...

omg awesome pictures your brave for touching that!


Kisses from Paris~

Karolina K. said...

So great, it make me started to dream about holidays, mhhhhhhhm.