25 December 2010

christmas eve

*Christmas Eve moon
*my brother and I taking pics of mom's beautiful tree. 

Merry Christmas everyone!



Merry Christmas! I love all of the photos on your blog and the fact that most of them are shot by film. I've been thinking if i should just go back to using film to shoot so each photo is much more precious because I would have to think more on how to angle and use the camera versus a digital camera. anyway, love this blog :)

hannah said...

thanks doll. merry christmas to you too.
yeah, film's my first love. although it's an expensive endeavor ;)

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

Love the christmas decor.
Can i ask your camera advice? I'm splashing out, officially and i have no idea what film slr to get. Help?
I've found three,
I will be in your debt forever

A Little Happier said...

Very nice angel!
I hope you had a merry christmas!

hannah said...

hivenn, merry christmas,
that's so exciting you're getting a film slr. i have only ever had canons (canon a1, ae-1, EOS rebel G and a pentax k1000 which sadly is long dead :( ) i'd go with the canon. Minolta's were great too, although I'm not familiar with this particular one. the 30v will be easier than the older manual models to use... I myself prefer my a-1 and ae-1 over the newer, fancier bodies. that's just me though.

Good luck :)

hannah said...

@A Little Happier: merry christmas as well! didn't mean to overlook your comment ;)

Brenda said...

I love the pastel colors on your Christmas tree, very pretty :)