16 December 2010

week before christmas

sunset over Green Valley

I'd apologize for the lack of posts, but that would just make me repetitive...

Lately ,the days seem to just merge together like one extremely long day. It's been really weird lately. I've had zero inspiration, and haven't really gotten into the "Christmas spirit" as hard as I try. I'm really more excited for New Year's Eve.

Puppy search still goes on. We're going to another breeder this weekend. It's going to be another busy and short one. I miss having weekends with no plans but taking my camera out and seeing where the day takes me.

Leaving you with this song which has been stuck in my head for weeks:

Twin Sister- "All Around and Away We Go"

1 comment:

Marinka said...

It looks really nice and lovely! I like the song also..I hope you will have some more time to take pictures ;)