17 April 2011

sunday colors

Just some randoms on this hot Sunday afternoon....

It's starting to feel like beach weather out there! Well, more like pool weather for us...but I definitely need to get my beach fix soon or I'm going to seriously lose it. I get a little nuts when I go too long without seeing the ocean.

Another thing I've been obsessing over recently: getting a Ragdoll kitten. I've wanted this particular breed of cat since I was a little girl. They're enormous (anywhere from 10-20 lbs.) cuddly, laid-back cats, exactly what I've always wanted. The only downside is, my husband is allergic to cats (so he claims, although I've never witnessed this), and this breed costs a few hundred bucks from a reputable breeder. Maybe one day...We just have so much to save up for. Blah.

Some more things I've been pining for:
*This yellow Steven Alan dress
*The perfect sunset. I haven't taken a sunset photo in way too long.

Currently listening to: Toro Y Moi-"Still Sound"


Marinka said...

those pictures are great, especially the oranges, the color is so vivid.. It's funny I always wanted a ragdoll too, they are so soft and cuddly and I love their eyes too. I really hope you will be able to get one and take amazing pictures of him :) too bad your husband is allergic to them

Elisabelle said...

lovely dress and perfect spring shots!

a little ghost. said...

Ah, I have been drooling over that Steven Alan dress as well. LOVE your photographs, they are all such great shots!