20 July 2011

where is my mind

 Some film photos from our LA trip. More to come soon...

Just a few things on my mind recently:
 *I hate the awkward stage my hair is going through right now as I try to grow it out again. I've been taking these supplements to help it along.
*Our upcoming Dodgers v. Phillies game in August. We're so bummed at how things are playing out this season...I don't really like to talk about it.
*Really wanting/needing this and this.
*Starting to plan for a Chicago trip (finally). It'll be our first time ever. Wrigley field here we come!
*I really need to go vintage shopping soon. Need a new bag for fall but so over spending $$.
*Must get inspired and take photos downtown to enter this contest. I never win anything cool, but this is a good motivation to get back to taking photos around town.
*I'm craving Ted's Chocolate Haupia Pie. I would (almost) kill for some now.

Currently listening to: Emmy the Great- "Where is My Mind" (Pixies cover)


A Little Happier said...

Your NeXT shopping topics look really nice:)

L E A H said...

these shots are gorgeous!

alexandria said...

These are really lovely shots. I love the ferris wheel and the light blue viewer.