09 June 2010

no rhyme, nor reason

These photos didn't quite belong anywhere so I decided to just haphazardly throw them all together.

It's been a very interesting week...I've been far too busy and distracted to take pictures. One more week until SF, which couldn't come soon enough seeing that I'm badly in need of a battery recharge...and by that I mean I need a change of scenery to get re-inspired.

Anyway, I've been re-kindling my love affair with the Cardigans, so this one's currently on heavy rotation:

The Cardigans- "Our Space"


Marinka said...

those photos are so pretty, these are simple random things but they are really nice

Elisabelle said...

i really like this random set of photos!

Anonymous said...

the laceless shoes + neon sign...love!

xo Alison

Marion said...

really like these !

hannah said...

thank you so much :)