11 June 2010

summatime lust

From center and clockwise:VPL insertion bra, Opening Ceremony shorts, Acrobats of God "Nouba" sandals, Pamela Love talon cuff, Noir pyramid bracelet, Contributor by Rachel Comey canvas and leather satchel.

Just some pieces I've been mildly obsessing over lately. Notice the lack of a top half to this ensemble? It's merely because this VPL bra is too brilliant to be covered up by anything besides a sheer tee or a barely-there tank...hell, I'd wear it by itself if that were acceptable in daily life. The shorts are exactly the kind of comfy staple piece that my closet's been needing. (Plus, an elastic waist is always a huge plus since I've been too lazy to bother with buttons and zippers lately)

As far as the accessories, Pamela Love's insanely gothic-fab talon cuff is my ultimate fantasy piece...and by that I mean it's way out of my budget. I did recently find an amazing Pamela Love-inspired raven skull necklace on etsy, on the cheap (will post when I get it). The Noir bracelet is among my favorites from their classics collection and really goes with absolutely anything.

The classic canvas satchel (UO's exclusive collaboration w/ the amazing Rachel Comey)  is a summer essential that's as timelessly cool as it is practical. Hmm... "practical" is a word I often find myself using to justify most purchases...and it usually works quite well.

To round things up, the modern and minimal nude sandal by AoG has all the elements I love; It's simple, neutral, and has a dose of unique detail.

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Marinka said...

I agree with you.. I especially like those heels they are gorgeous