15 August 2010

french macaroons

I love French macaroons! They're so hard to find here in Vegas though. I finally found them at Amore Patisserie. Speaking of desserts, I've been looking online for different French dessert recipes...I'm thinking of making Rasberry Bavarian Creme (a-la Julia Child). Makes me even more excited for Paris next year :) I wish I could fast forward to next fall. I need to seriously brush up on my verrry rusty French. You'd think after four years of studying it, I'd be able to carry on a simple conversation!
Well, Au revoir for now.

Currently listening to: Cherry Ghost- "Mathematics"


Elisabelle said...

I could help you with your french.
Je peux ecrire mes commentaires en francais;)

hannah said...

Haha, Merci , ce serait très utile.