17 August 2010

rainclouds and sunset

The rainclouds started rolling in late this afternoon and made the sunset sky look extraordinary. I'm glad I was able to catch it.
On another note, it's only Tuesday, but it already feels like a long week...yikes. I'm in dire need of a relaxing vacation. I don't know why I find it so challenging to just relax lately. It's as if I'm on constant high alert-stress mode. I seriously need to snap out of it soon.

Currently listening to: Band of Horses- "Blue Beard" (cannot wait to see them next month!)


Elisabelle said...

Beautiful sunset.
I took a few shot yesterday night of a pink-orange shy above the top of the mountains. It was magic!

Marinka said...

wow I am amazed by the beauty of those shots, you are lucky you were able to catch it!
the light and the color of those is simply amazing

sara montour said...

These are so beautiful and the clouds look like they came straight out of my dreams!