25 September 2010

beach cities on film

Laguna, Newport and Huntington 
(click to enlarge, I couldn't figure out how to fit the original sizes onto the page.) 

Three different beaches, one glorious afternoon PCH drive. I finally got some rolls developed from our little weekend drive to California.

Today was a pretty grueling day considering it was supposed to be a pretty laid-back Saturday...car shopping was just as torturous as I had imagined...it's still close to 100 degrees outside, and as usual, I have a million things on my to-do list. Yoga was amazing last night though, and was exactly what I needed. Slowly but surely I'm learning to focus on gratitude again, and not be so consumed with the petty everyday things...like I just was today..but, like I said: baby steps. I guess we're all a work in progress.

Right now, I'm just tired and not really in the mood for anything except finishing this book I've been reading and going to sleep.


Elisabelle said...

wonderful triptych!
hope you are feeling better:)

Megan said...

What gorgeous beach shots and they look so nice together! I've been wanting to read The Happiness Project and would be curious to know what you think of it.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! They make me miss living by the beach xxx


it's a small world after all said...

just to say that I loved your shots!!! you definitely have a new follower (if you don't mind, of course...)

hannah said...

thank you :) i loved taking them.

megan- the book is good so far, lots of practical, real-world tips...i've been slacking on reading it lately though. i'm gonna pick it back up this weekend, will let you know how i like it overall.