24 September 2010


I was hoping my very expired Polaroid 600 color film still had some life to it, but I guessed wrong. Every picture I took was hazy and washed out. Although I do enjoy the dream-like quality...like a mirage or something.

I still have plenty of film to develop...I've just been too lazy and busy..more the latter. We have to go car shopping this weekend, and I am absolutely NOT thrilled about it. I wish I lived in a place with decent public transportation so I never have to make a car payment, registration payment, etc. ever again.

On a more positive note, I'm going to yoga tonight! It'll be really nice to just slow down and get back into balance with myself again. Baby steps...

Have a great weekend everyone.


Elisabelle said...

i love it!!!!!!!!
really magic:)

hannah said...

thanks :) going to give my px600 another shot soon..wish me luck!

it's a small world after all said...

good luck! :o)
but I love the retro style that this pic have...
very stylish!