04 October 2010

huntington pier at sunset

[click to enlarge]

These turned out way better than my hazy Polaroid (thank God!). I love ending the day watching the sunset at the pier...pretty much any pier will do. This night was particularly gorgeous. The weather was pretty perfect and the horizon to the left was covered in a misty dusk fog.


Lina said...

does it sound stupid when i say that it's so simple and beautiful it makes me want to cry? Maybe it's because I'm feeling a bit emotional today, but other than that, the photos are captivating.I love the blur on these, it really adds to that nostalgic, sunset kind of feel.

Mikael Kennedy said...

hi there. you'd left me a note on my blog asking about film types. The recent polaroids on my blog were shot with an expired 779 film. I shoot really what ever I can find but like 770 the best.