18 October 2010

when the sun goes down

Some digital photos from our evening at Huntington Pier.

Sunset photos are slowly starting to overtake this blog. I guess it's obvious what my favorite time of day is!

On another note, I am in loooove with this


LA said...

Great shots!


Annushka said...

Very beautiful photos!!!)))
Nice post.

Anonymous said...

sunset photos will always be beautiful no matter how often you take them! (:
feel free to check out my blog (:

Marinka said...

the susnset is beautiful

kelsea said...

you should keep posting things, they're incredible.

noura. said...

how lovely

Rand T said...

this is sooooooo nice!!!!!!!!!:) love it

hiven said...

lovelovelove your blog!xx

hannah said...

aww,thanks everyone :)