28 March 2011

ghost town pt.1

We decided to drive out to Nelson to go to the Techatticup Mine ghost town. This is where we took our engagement photos, and we haven't been back since then. I've always been a sucker for historical artifacts. Living in Las Vegas, it's hard to find things of significant historical value since this town has a tendency to implode buildings and replace the old with the new. It was recently announced that they're closing the Sahara Hotel & Casino. So, anytime I can be amidst old places and things, I always enjoy it. I guess you could call me a nostalgic person. Very much so. 

Being in the middle of nowhere between Vegas and Searchlight is as much of a retreat as we have time for these days, but it was still fun. I love taking photos of the old trucks, vintage signs and beautiful mountains.

More pics to come later! Have a good week.


Elisabelle said...

such beautiful polaroids!

Lola said...

These pictures are so great, love polaroids, following you now! xx