21 March 2011

things lately...

Taken during a recent detour into the Arts District downtown.

Things as of late:

-Just started a new position in a new department in my company, which I'm proud to say, I've been with for five years this month. It's amazing how fast time flies...I think back to five years ago and how different things were.

-Starting to think about where I want to go for my birthday this year...preferably somewhere with better weather than Vegas in the summer. I'm thinking my contenders are : Portland, Austin (which may be too humid!), or San Diego. I've been in dire need of a vacation for a long time.

-Obsessed with A.P.C.'s S/S 2011 line! I'm gushing over the Western Top, Sailor Collar Dress, and Flared Skirt.

-I must have this Kate Spade tote! It's the cutest thing everrrrr.

-I've been looking for a pair of oxford ballerina flats for some time, and these are pure perfection.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love that flared skirt! I want it in blue. Love the pics, too... I hope you keep posting!