02 May 2011

baby eli

I took a couple of photos of my friends' baby Eli (Elias Kaimana) when they came out to visit from Kauai. He's 5 months old and already such a natural in front of the camera with that adorable toothless smile!


lila Check said...

totally gorgeous!!! cute,cute pictures and adorable baby!
gorgeous blog by the way! ;)

Elisabelle said...

so so so cute!!!!!

Ida Nielsen said...

Oh my, he's adorable! Great pictures!

Monica said...

hi lady. its monica from zappos, i finally stopped being lazy and found your blog from google. you are insanely talented and this post is simply beautiful.

bahhhh, im obsessed with the cat named seventeen below!

hannah said...

thanks guys!
hi monica! glad you found it..sorry i kept forgetting to send you a link! your fashion blog is adorable :)