16 May 2011


Overcast day in Laguna Beach

Hello! It's been so long since my last post. My husband and I took a mini break this weekend and flew out to Orange County to see my childhood friend's new baby. It seems like everybody around us is having babies!!! We're slowly becoming the only childless couple around. I'm still so not ready despite the serious bout of baby fever I've been experiencing for the past few months. I'm thinking it's a phase, or maybe, just maybe, I'm getting to that age where I'm biologically wired to start wanting one. Yikes.

On a less overwhelming note, I want to make cakepops. I've never attempted them, but I've always wanted to. I saw them at Starbucks the other day and thought, I could make that myself!

Currently listening to: Bonobo-"All In Forms"

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Mrs. Waycott said...

So easy to make them. Try bakarellas recipe!