14 July 2011

amelia + duke

 photo from sanfranciscochronicle.com
I usually don't repost other people's photos on my blog, but I loved this find so much, I had to put it up. It's of Amelia Earhart and Duke Kahanamoku during her stay in Hawai'i circa 1930. I can't get enough of old photos, especially from that era.

I found the photo from my most recent blog discovery: VELOKOVA. I love her blog so much, and with as many blogs as I follow both here and in my other feeds, this one really stood out to me since it captures two things I love dearly: photography and travel. Check it out if you love both things as much as I do...and if you love the great outdoors as well. I'm smitten!

On another note, I have a couple of rolls of film from my recent trip to LA that I'm getting tomorrow, so hopefully I'll have some new pictures to post shortly.

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L E A H said...

Thanks for the nice post about my site, Hannah!

Just saw your pictures from the Griffith observatory.. I'm planning a visit there soon and I can't wait to go.

Love your blog and your photography!