07 August 2011

san diego through my phone

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Just got back from a quick work trip to SD. I didn't take any cameras but couldn't help but snap a few shots with my phone. The weather was ridiculously amazing, especially considering how hot it is in Vegas. I did a lot of walking around Gaslamp and we even got a quick detour in to Mission Beach to ride bikes for a bit.

It's so nice to be home though; got lots to do (when is this not the case?). I'm also really excited for this week- Dodgers v. Phillies game this Wednesday, back at work Thursday for a long but eventful day, and then it's off to my beloved SF for Outside Lands! It's gonna be a long week indeed.

Hopefully tomorrow(well, today technically) will be relaxing, but somehow, I doubt it. ;) Hope everyone has a great rest of their weekend.

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