28 January 2012

costa rica pt.1

Just got back from my first trip to Costa Rica. It's a beautiful country, and the people are so nice and warm. As usual, I took a ton of pics and have a couple of rolls I just took to the lab, including one from San Diego.

I leave again for NYC in about a week. It's become par for the course for me to only post when I travel somewhere...and by no means is this a travel blog. I guess I need to make an honest effort to take photos here in town. I think I can make that a sort of mini resolution, to find beauty and inspiration right here in my daily surroundings instead of having to find it hundreds or thousands of miles away. I used to be able to do this...not sure what happened.

Anyway, until next time! Still have tons of photos to share (film and otherwise!) 

Currently listening to: Peter Rabbit - "Harvest Moon"

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