24 June 2012

PDX part 1

Once again, I've gone too long without updating this blog. I'm thinking about just starting over and moving to a new layout on wordpress...We'll see if time allows that soon.

Anyway, Just wanted to share a few quick photos from our trip to Portland recently. It was my first time ever, and my husband's second. As you can see, there's a common theme in these photos of us (ok, mostly me) indulging in sweets!

More photos to come as soon as I get around to developing my film rolls. I only took a couple of digital shots, but I haven't even had time to edit those. Boo.

I hope to have more to share soon with my mini birthday trip to LA next weekend :) Catching a Dodger game, seeing the ocean...couldn't think of a better way to get older.

Be back soon!

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